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Events & Classes for November 2017

Join us for Open Studio Nights Friday November 10th. This is a Family & Kid Friendly event. There will be snacks, refreshments, entertainment, & lots of local art for sale.

If you are a student &would like to participate in this event see below:
Submission date: October 27th
Drop off: November 3rd
Open Reception: November 10th 5:30PM-7:30PM
Theme: Recycle!
This is the first juried Student Art show being held at the Cleveland WorkSpace. There will be three divisions for prizes, elementary, middle, high school. The show will be juried by the resident artists at the Cleveland Workspace. We would love to see any form of art. painting, drawing, sculpture, photography. Be creative and have fun!

How to submit artwork: send a picture of the artwork with an artist statement and dimensions of the artwork to
If accepted, when dropping off the artwork we require a $5 fee to help pay for snacks and drinks for the reception. Make sure that the work is dry and hangable.


Basic stitches and Pattern
One hour class for $25
I will cover the basic stitches, how to find and read a pattern, and everything you need to know about starting a project. I will also give you a pattern to take home. I have plenty of yarn and needles if you don’t have your own. Economical choices of yarn can cost $2-3 per skein, and a hook at Walmart is $2.
To sign up email,
I will teach the part two class at the same time the next day.


Blankets and Beanies and Babies Oh MY!
This class is $35 for an hour because I will be going over three big projects. Once you learn them you can make them in no time. This class I will go over the patterns of blankets, beanies, and diaper covers. Blankets take a while to make, but they make wonderful presents for loved ones.
To sign up email,


Please join us every 3rd Monday at 7PM till 9PM for Cleveland Workspace’s Open Mic Night! Be prepared to listen to awesome words or you can even bring your own stuff to read!
Cost is $5 to come in, $4 for anyone with a current student ID!

‘Dueling Artists’ compete at Cleveland WorkSpace

CLAUDIA HOFFER, right, won the “Dueling Artists” competition at the Cleveland WorkSpace’s open studio night. Hoffer went up against Carie Varner, left, in the studio’s first competition event.

The Cleveland WorkSpace hosted a rather unique Open Studio Night Friday, as community members were treated to the studio’s first “Dueling Artists” event.

Resident artists Carie Varner and Claudia Hoffman went head-to-head in an art battle, where their subject stuck with the open studio theme of “Full Circle.”

For both Varner and Hoffman, Friday marked the first time they had ever competed in a live art duel.

“It’s because Claudia and I are bitter enemies,” joked Varner.

HOFFER’S ABSTRACT take on the “Dueling Artists” challenge earned her bragging rights for the night.

“Claudia and I are very good friends . She actually came up with the idea to do some kind of a live demo. Then we decided it would be more fun to do it together and decided that battling was more fun than just doing a demo.”

Varner stuck close to her roots during the art duel, and went the oil painting route.

“Some of these oil paints were my mom’s. The tradition has been passed along and my daughter actually (had) art hanging in the show – so art is very important. It’s a family thing,” she explained.

Hoffman, who has been at the WorkSpace for over a year now, felt Varner had an edge as far as experience went, but was confident with her abstract style.

“I’m experimenting with a lot of different styles, but right now I’m into abstract — that’s what I’ve been focusing on a lot with my painting,” she said.

THIS WAS CARIE Varner’s completed “Dueling Artists” painting.

For Hoffman, getting the community more involved with the Cleveland WorkSpace and art scene is especially important.

“The arts are just a foundation of any community,” Hoffman stated.

The Cleveland WorkSpace opened in June 2016 and features five studios, two public galleries and a community room.

“This space is really by artists for artists. Everything you see is what they’ve created and decided on — they put a lot into this space,” Joy Key said.

Open Studio Nights are held on the second Friday of each month, with the next one Oct. 13, from 5:30 to 8 p.m. The theme is “Gothic.”

For more information visit

Artists interested in submitting work may contact

This article was originally published at Cleveland Daily Banner.