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Erica Katherine Stewart

Erica was born and raised in Cleveland, TN. She went to Bradley Central High School where she graduated with honors. She married her high school sweetheart, Patrick Stewart (not the actor), in 2014 and they have been together for almost eight years now. They have two spoiled rotten cats, a brother and sister named Digby and Daisy. They spend most of their time together going on adventures or hanging out at their house in the country. Erica graduated from Cleveland State Community College in 2016 and spent one year in the Sculpture Program at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga where she was awarded the 2017-2018 Lessie Peeler McKay Scholarship. Erica for many years had considered herself an “all over artist”, and she kind of still is, but she has found a niche in fiber arts that she wishes to explore. She deals with crochet, needle felting, plaster sculpture work, environmental works, domestic objects, the battle between art and craft, and recently the battle with feminism and housewifery. She is still learning and growing as an artist and will continue to be “all over”. She now has a studio at the Cleveland WorkSpace, deka_studios! To check out her work, you can like her page on facebook, Erica Katherine Stewart. Instagram, deka_studios, or come on down to Cleveland and see deka_studios for yourself!

Jackie Cory

Jackie Cory is a multi-media artist formerly from Sarasota, FL. Quilting, watercolor & mixed media are some of the areas she peruses to develop her style. When asked about her work, she says “To me, art is infinite.” Ms. Cory delights in promoting the arts by teaching easy to learn methods for adults & children.

Graduating from manatee Community College with an Associates in Art education, Ms. Cory was selected as outstanding Art Student of the Year. She completed her Bachelors in Fine Art at the University of South Florida, Tampa, Fl. on Dean’s list & cum laud.

Ms. Cory became the Executive Director of the Hilton Leech Studio/Friends of the Arts; Sarasota Florida’s premier watercolor school; well known for workshops with nationally known artists in the water-media field. As Director, she developed her skills in painting mix media under the talents of Pat Dews, Frank Webb, Barbara Nechis, Frank Francese and others. The school merged with Sarasota Art Center and she continued on as Director of Education. Through her love of the arts & skills, she was nominated “Quilt Teacher of the Year” by Professional Quilters Magazine and has been published in other trade magazines. She has received numerous awards in quilting & painting in FL, TX, & TN.

Currently, Ms. Cory now resides in Cleveland, TN with her husband and is developing classes at her studio located in the Old Woolen Mill with Cleveland WorkSpace. She specializes in workshops in fiber arts & watercolors. Ms. Cory has taught at Hyderhangout Quilt Shop, 5 Points Museum, Cherokee Blossom Quilt Guild, RiverBend Fiber Arts Group, Art Creations and John C. Campbell Folk School. Ms. Cory’s work can be seen at her studio and Gartell Gallery in Blue Ridge, GA.

Carie Varner

Carie Varner has been art-ing for most of her life, including oil painting since high school. She graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL with a BFA in Life Drawing and a minor in Sculpture.

Varner and art have a on again, off again love affair, but this latest roump has been 7 + years and she has not wanted to put down the paint brush yet.

“Everything changed after having my daughter, as such things do,” says Varner. “And I want to bring as much creativity and joy into the world as I can. To do that, I make art.”

Her main focus is oil, although she has started venturing into the “scary” world of water color. Art is about bravery sometimes she states. Varner enjoys working in oil paint to create unique images of pop culture icons and popular science-fiction creatures.

To contact her about any of her work or commissions, email her at or send a FB message to

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